I totally fell in love when I first came across the work of talented illustrator Maartje van de Noort. I adore her beautiful drawings and am delighted to carry a small collection of her work at Ruby Roost. Maartje who works and lives in Amsterdam, a fine art graduate from Zeeland, the Netherlands takes inspiration from nature which is clearly evident in her illustrations. I'm totally drawn in by the simplicity of her work and her free spirit approach. Maartje says she loves to 'stare, dream, observe, give form, design, combine, mess up and repair'.

Maartje Van Den Noort

Maartje focuses mainly on illustration but also likes to experiment combining textile and paper. I love the lace detail in the yellow bird:

Yellow Bird Postcard

I wish I could  spend a day simply messing with ink and paper and create dreamy results like these:

 Ink & Paper Postcards

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