Fog Linen Work

Fog Linen Work Tray- Black Houndstooth

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Rectangular Fog Linen Work tray with a classic black houndstooth pattern available in small, medium or large.

We love this latest addition of the Fog Linen tray by Yumiko Sekine, founder of Fog Linen Work. They never fail to deliver timeless, quality designs, like this houndstooth tray. 

The Fog Linen trays are stylish, functional items and perfect for every day use. Fog Linen Work have designed these beautiful trays by coating 100% linen sheets with melamine plastic. The transparent melamine allows the natural texture of the linen to show through

Sizes available:

Small: L21.5cm x W12.5cm

Medium: L33cm x W23cm

Large: L39cm x W27cm