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Spora Hanging Planter - Ceramic & Leather

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The Spora hanging planter in ceramic and leather by Light and Ladder will look simply beautiful against your wall. This white ceramic planter is simple in design and the smooth finish of high-fired porcelain is complemented by a vegetable-tanned leather strap that will just get better with age and wear. 

Hanging planters are space-savvy and perfect for smaller rooms or when you have run out of floor space! They are an interesting and beautiful way to house your plants, whilst adding a little greenery and texture to your home.

Owner and designer Farrah Sit focuses on creating strikingly simple objects that speak to their intended purpose. Light and Ladder create objects that are thoughtful, useful and made to last. A lovely way to bring nature inside. 

This pot has no drainage hole. Perfect for succulents and other water-wise plants. Adding a handful of small rocks, sand or charcoal to the bottom of your planter is an easy way to give that excess water somewhere to go and prevent your plants from drowning.

Alternatively, keep the plant in its plastic pot you bought it in when planting into the Spora. The plastic pot has holes and will allow it to drain into the ceramic pot. 

Materials: Matte porcelain and leather


Spora planter measures 4"x4"x4". Total height with strap is 10.5 "

Made in the USA