A Moment to yourself


A moment to yourself. StoryTiles are Dutch handmade tiles with unique pieces of art. The delightful tiles of StoryTiles are miniature stories, all designed with love, eye for detail and humour. Each tile tells it's own story.

Let the smell of a fresh beautiful flower bouquet flow through your home with this breathtaking tile by illustrator and part florist Esther Sepers. This tile celebrates the little precious things in life like a moment to yourself where you’re reminded of the wonderful person that you are, both inside and out!

The tiles are of high quality, traditionally baked and made in Holland by visual artist Marga Van Oers. The tiles are heat and water resistant and the unique designs will last a lifetime.

Each tile has a nifty hanging system and a slight irregular edge. 

Each StoryTile measures 10cm x 10cm

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